PResident - Dr. Glenn S. Reynolds

Glenn is an entrepreneur, attorney, and minister. He's started and grown successful businesses and ministries, including a church plant that grew from zero to 600 people in average attendance, a child development center that grew from zero to nearly 100 children, a fine arts school that expanded from 100-300 students, a ministry training school that grew from zero to hundreds of students, and a successful law firm. In addition, he's led churches that averaged from 25 people to over 2,500 people in attendance


Vice President - Grant J. Reynolds

Grant is an innovator, marketing fanatic, and pastor. He is responsible for revitalizing the marketing departments of a universities, Grammy award winning artists, politicians, and a large scale non-profit organization that reaches millions of people a week. Most recently, Grant and his wife Nicolette, have started The Gathering.  What was initially meant to be a small group for college students has grown, in under a year, to a weekly Sunday service reaching over 100 people of all age ranges. In addition, he serves as an associate pastor at Coastal Virginia Church.