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Next level group

The Next Level Group is a members-only community designed to give you the tools you need to take the next step on your personal and professional journey. The Next Level Group will help you increase your productivity, learn how to be a leader, and discover ways to unleash your potential.

What Do You Get as a Member?

To go to next level, you’ve got to be a learner. The Next Level Group will help you learn new skills each month to take a step forward at work and in your personal life. Each month, you will receive

  • Four 6-8 minute videos designed to equip you professionally and personally for the next level
  • Four mp3 recordings of the videos
  • Four outlines for personal development or use with your team
  • Occasional podcast interviews with successful ministry and business leaders
  • Occasional live conference calls where you can ask your questions

How You Can Use It?

Use the Next Level Group to develop an unleash your own potential, while also using the videos and outlines to develop your own team of leaders.

How Much Does It Cost?

The first month’s membership is FREE! After that, your membership continues for only $17. You may cancel at any time without a penalty.



Who will benefit from this group? 

Any church leader should join the Reynolds Leadership Group. Whether you’re a lead or staff pastor, volunteer, or board member, if leading in ministry is a part of what you do, you’ll find benefit from this group.

What is the length of commitment? 

Your membership will run for a month at a time. If you join on the 13th of the month, your membership will go until the 13th of the following month. At that time your membership will automatically be renewed unless cancellation notice has been given.

Can I join the group without a Facebook account? 

Yes, a Facebook profile is not required. However, our online community is operated through Facebook, and therefore you will need a personal profile to participate in the community. Please note a Facebook Page will not work. Only personal profiles can be a part of a group.

We will also hold periodic live Q&As sessions where you can ask anything about leadership and ministry – everything is on the table.

Finally, you have the benefit of learning from and networking with other members who are blazing the trail with you!

How do I cancel? 

We hope that you won’t want to cancel with the compelling new content you’ll receive each month. However, we understand circumstances change and there may be a need for you to cancel. Simply email us to let us know you need to cancel. Cancellation notices must be received two days before your renewal date in order to avoid the following monthly fee.

Can I access the content after I cancel? 

Yes. Your monthly membership provides you access to the content you received during your time as part of Reynolds Leadership Group. However, if you cancel or default on your payment, you will be removed from the group and unable to access future content.

How does the money back guarantee work? 

We will provide your money back, no questions asked, for up to 30 days from the completion of your initial purchase.

Is this a one-time fee or monthly fee? 

This is a monthly, recurring membership fee. Every month new, exclusive content will be released to you to help you become a better leader. 

How do I access the content? 

Each week you will receive an email update with links to the new content.

With whom will I interact? 

You will have frequent interaction with Glenn Reynolds.

What will I receive as a member? 

Each month you will receive four or five short videos from Glenn Reynolds discussing various aspects of leadership and church ministry. We will dive in to specifics that will help you become a better leader. An audio version of these videos will also be available.

We will also provide four or five outlines that accompany the videos, which you can use for personal development and as a guideline for coaching and training up your staff and volunteers.

Are there any guidelines for the facebook group? 

Yes, we have certain guidelines we follow for this group.

Since this group provides valuable interaction, we understand there may be times when members disagree with one another. The purpose of this group is to have cordial dialogue and feedback. If you disagree, please be respectful.

We reserve the right to remove any comments that are inappropriate or off topic. You may post links to a blog or website if they are aligned with the purpose of this group. We may also remove someone from the group without warning if deemed necessary by Reynolds Leadership Group. 

Our desire is to create engaging interaction to strengthen your church and leadership. We appreciate your willingness to abide by these guidelines in order to accomplish this purpose.