Consulting Services


What Consulting Services Are Provided?

Reynolds Leadership Group provides consultation in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Staff Development
  • Policies and Procedures to Protect Your Ministry
  • Fundraising and Budgeting to Achieve Your Vision
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation

Who Needs a Consultant?

Anyone who is ready to take their own leadership or their organization to a new level can benefit from an extra set of eyes taking a look at the organization. You may be part of a start-up company, a new church, or an organization with a budget in the millions of dollars—Reynolds Leadership Group can help you identify the opportunities and the obstacles in your organization’s path. Plus, RLG will help you devise a plan to take advantage of those opportunities and overcome those obstacles to achieve your mission.

How are Consulting Services Provided?

Reynolds Leadership Group provides a customized plan for each client, which can include interactive discussions, on-site visits, and personal attention to your circumstances.